Win more customers – With a customized animated video that presents YOUR product

You won't find an offer like this anywhere else!  

Our goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction. That’s why we offer a money-back guarantee. Yep – we’re pretty confident you'll love our work!  

YOUR story - YOUR style

Each brushstroke reflects your company’s philosophy and brand identity 

How can we boost your revenue?

This is how our Explainer Videos increase your Conversion Rates

Brevity is the soul of wit

60 – 90 seconds is what it takes

We get to know you 

We create YOUR story for YOUR target audience

Proven to get results

Never change a winning System

This is how it works:


How much time will you have to invest?

We only need two hours of your time to create your revenue-booster! 

Kick Off

At the first virtual meeting we get to know you. Our experts will discuss your target audience, your brand identity and the results you want to achieve. 

Your time investment: 60 – 90 minutes


We then use our unique Loft Film conversion model to create the perfect script. 

Your time investment: 20 minutes


Once you're 100% satisfied with our script, our designers will create a storyboard. 

Your time investment: 20 minutes


This is where we transform your concept into reality. We use animation, voice over and sound design to create the amazing finished product. Now your explainer video is complete!

Your time investment: 20 minutes

Now, explainer videos can't help everyone!

Talk to one of our experts about your goals. Together we can figure out if an animation video will work for you!

Loft Film is extremely selective. We will only work with a company if we are 100% confident that an explainer video is the best solution for them!

11 Reasons you should work with us

  1. Absolute integrity. We will only work with your company if we are 110% sure that an animated explainer video is the best option for you. If this is not the case, we will honestly advise you during the free initial call that an explainer video may not fit your needs. Then, if possible, we'll suggest an alternative solution.
  2. Quality and Experience. Storytelling is an art - just like design and online marketing. That's why our team members are never jack-of-all-trades. They're experienced experts with deep understanding and passion for their craft.
  3. Unlimited Corrections. We strive to provide you with a finished product that exceeds your expectations. That's why you can make an unlimited number of revisions at every stage of production until you're absolutely blown away.
  4. Dedicated Project Manager. As soon as you decide to produce a video with us, you will have one primary point of contact. This person will accompany you from the initial planning stage to the final product and uploading of the film.
  5. Multiple languages. We offer a range of language options, including Vietnamese, Arabic, Hindi, German… and English shouldn't be a problem, either!
  6. Return on Investment. Sure, there may be plenty of cheap graphic design artists who can draw beautiful pictures for you -- but pictures alone aren't enough! The key to success is an engaging story that resonates with your viewer.
  7. Videos that work. We use the proven Loft Film 4-Step Conversion Method. This allows us to address your target demographic, explain your service or product in the form of a story, and finish with a strong call to action to convert the viewer. All within 60-90 seconds!.
  8. Money-Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose except stress and headaches. And if for any reason you are not completely satisfied (which has never happened before), we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Yes, we are really that confident in our service.
  9. Holistic Online Marketing. Understanding just one part of online marketing requires you to understand ALL the parts of online marketing. That's why our team knows how to build automated funnels, when to use Google Adwords over Facebook Adwords, and how to track lead traffic on landing pages. Our comprehensive knowledge and experience allows us to provide excellent advice and deliver outstanding results that work.
  10. Scalable. Would you like one video or a whole series? With the assistance of our Creative Network, we can handle a large number of projects simultaneously without sacrificing quality.
  11. We go the extra mile. Often our customers want to make a small change after a few months. Do you want to quickly change a logo, change a sentence, or add a new call-to-action? No problem! And if it’s only a small adjustment, we will even do it for free!

Some of our Projects:

How are we so economical? 

Many other agencies charge $8,000 or more for their videos. Why is Loft Film so different?

Thanks to our 110% efficient processes and the long-standing cooperation of our experienced freelancers, we are able to offer the same quality starting at just $3,475. Unlike other agencies that cost $8,000 – plus all sorts of additional fees – all revisions are included in our quote. Our philosophy: As our customer, you pay a fixed amount for a final result that not only works, but ensures you are 100% satisfied - no matter how long WE have to work to achieve that.

This is what our clients say: